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Soapstone Countertops Denver Soapstone, the Stone of the past and future. Soapstone, usually referred to as steatite, is one of the most versatile rocks. Not only for its properties as a metamorphic rock but also for its impressive characteristics and a wide variety of uses, like heat resistant and retainer. In ancient times, it was used for natives mostly in figures, ornaments, and carving. But in modern times, steatite has also been used as the perfect replacement for marble or granite. With diverse types and applications starting from countertops to tiles Soapstones Denver, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Tile Product





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About Soapstones. Here are listed some of the reasons why most people choose Soapstones instead of marble or granite for the surface of their houses: Incredibly easy to clean: Since it does not require any special cleaning product, it can be cleaned with any type of household cleaner.





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Durability: Soapstones Countertops do not stain and are impenetrable, which means that it does not matter the kind of liquid or hot items in contact with it, liquids will not go through and hotness will not damage its surface. Size: It can be cut to fit the size of your preference. Texture: The biggest difference between Soapstones and other kinds of natural stones is that it is non-porous and has varieties of textures. Depending on your preference, you can choose if you wish the Soapstone to feel smoother or rougher to the touch or even, something in between. Customizable: If you wish to darken the natural color of your Soapstone, it can easily be achieved by simply using mineral oil once. If you grow tired of the dark color and want to have the original gray color back, you can use a household cleaner. Worry not, The oil will not penetrate or damage the surface, in fact, if you apply the mineral oil, it will fade in time. On the other hand, if you wish not only to darken the color of the Soapstone but also to increase or even deepen the natural veining pattern, periodically coats of mineral oil will have to be applied until the Soapstone develops the permanent pattern of your preference. Soapstone Carving – Kitchen Soapstone – Bathroom Soapstone – Kitchen Countertops Denver

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